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The Scorpius Necklace

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Scorpions have been at the heart of all we do since 2014. Because nothing says stay away, but aren't you curious if I'll sting you quiet like a scorpion, which is a vibe we can 100% get behind. Scarlett's created the ultimate answer to the simple looking scorpion necklace with this beautiful take on a classic. The Scorpius Necklace is a must have of any Reposeux collector.  Casted into recycled solid .925 sterling silver this 1 1/2" scorpion is set on a 15.5” or 17.5" chain which is also available in our 18k Gold Vermeil coming soon. 

*Note this product was originally molded from a body casting of a real scorpion. Finished product is a solid recycled .925 sterling silver casting.

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