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Deadly Forever Necklace

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Sustainability is all about slow fashion click here to learn more about our lead time process babe.

We know a thing or two about barbed wire jewelry since Scarlett has been designing iconic barb pieces back before 2016. She's a firm believer in "you can never have too much barbed wire" The Deadly Forever Necklace will for sure stop you in your tracks and if you haven't started your Scarlett C. Dancer Reposeux Barbed Wire Collection yet this is the perfect time to make moves. 

  • Made into recycled solid .925 Sterling Silver.
  • Barbs measure at a width of 1/2" tall from barb tip to bottom.
  • The necklace comes in a variety of adjustable sizes and is available in your choice of length.
  • 16.5" which can adjust to 14.5"
  • 19.5" which can adjust to 16.5"
  • 22.5" which can adjust to 19.5"


Model is 5/7 120lb wearing size 19.5" showing adjusted to 16.5" and unadjusted sizing.

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