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Deadly Choker

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Sustainability is all about slow fashion click here to learn more about our lead time process babe.

Everything here at Reposeux is hand-carved from wax by Scarlett C. Dancer, our brand’s Founder & Chief of Design.

If being layered to the gods is wrong I don't want to be right. The Deadly Choker came about after we sat and discussed "how can we layer so hardcore in barbed wire well stop people in their tracks" thus the Deadly Choker was born. 7" of barb attached to 10" of chain 3"'s of which are adjustable to any length this choker can be either 17"- 14" long depending on your neck size and style. Also available in a 17"-20" version which as well made in our recycled solid .925 sterling silver.


17"- Adjusts anywhere from 17"-14"

20" Adjusts anywhere from 17"-20"

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