About Scarlett

 Scarlett’s journey began with the divine luck of finding a jewelry mentor at a significantly young age. She began soldering, lost wax casting, and stone setting which soon led to her creating her very first ring all by the time she was 13 years old. 

Since that pivotal ring, Scarlett has honed her craft while also being a consumer herself, traversing this confusing, overstimulating market looking for items that spoke to her. As a person who believes strongly in environmental sustainability and leaving the world better than we found it, she grew really tired of fast fashion, and brands making promises of good quality while delivering the opposite. This on top of not being able to find jewelry that catered to her unique but classic neutral style was when she had finally had enough. When most people think about “earth friendly jewelry”, they have images in their head of outdated stereotypes, sustainable had no edge. She decided the cliche was in need of a serious overhaul, and to make sustainable jewelry for the effortlessly smart and cool.