Who among ye be a Witch

Who among ye be a Witch

Ugh, I SWOON over October. I've already decorated my house, have chugged mass amounts of Pumpkin Spice everything and picked several pumpkins which I'll be carving live later this week via IG. But we will talk about all of that later, lets get on to the new new thats just dropped!

Back in 2016 I created our first Salem Witch House piece. It was the first time I ever made a architectural structure out of wax so needless to say it was a huge milestone when it was completed. For years people have been asking "when will there be a ring?", and for years I was extremely overwhelmed with the idea of creating an even SMALLER version of such a tiny house. It needed to be perfect to do justice to such a notorious location. I finally strapped in and created a brand new Salem Witch House Necklace earlier this year that rivals the first design in details and shaping. I've grown and learned so much since 2016 that sometimes you need to go back and just make something even better to move forward to new things. After creating the house I was able to begin the smaller house for the ring, which also meant smaller spiders, dear god help me. 

After painstakingly carving each detail by hand the house and little spiders was ready for casting into solid .925 sterling silver. Once they were finished I was able to solder them together to create the ring, which has just been so long in the making, to finally finish it was just such an amazing feeling.


The Salem Witch House Necklace and Ring are both now available for purchase. We will also release three more pieces before the end of the month. Two in collaboration with Steffanie Strazzere of the Kat Von D Artist Collective and once piece I created specifically for this season that you will all die over. I'm SOOO excited for you guys to see what I've been working on and as always am endlessly grateful for your support.- Scarlett

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