End the Summer with joining a Cult

End the Summer with joining a Cult

   Not the kind of cult that locks people in basements, but the kind that gives off that Regina George vibe when you walk in a room accessorized like a goddess. 

   The newest collection dropping from us here at Mercury Hour August 29th has everyone talking. There’s something super magickal about Fall and Scarlett can’t help but channel all of that energy into pieces so striking it’s almost insane to believe they are handmade. Like all pieces from Mercury Hour Scarlett C. Dancer our Brand Founder and Chief of Design conceptualizes each design and then takes them from her wild ass mind into the physical plane by carving them out of wax to be casted and then finished here in our studio. BUT it’s a new dawn of a new age for Mercury Hour people because Scarlett has spent so long working on these designs that just like wine it’s only gotten better with time. 

   A Message from Scarlett- “ Cult of Mercury marks a huge shift in the designing of my work as an artist for the brand. Some of these waxes took months to carve because of their detail and construction along with creating new types of stone settings to further the brands innovative outlook. I’ve also made a run of limited edition cabochons that I hand constructed myself because the ones I had envisioned didn’t exist anywhere else which took almost a year in the making. This is for sure jewelry you’ve never seen available before or anywhere else. We can’t wait for you to join the cult.”

   We’ll also be bringing back some retired items for a limited time that just pair so well with these new designs to create the overall mood for our entry into Fall (which hell yes bring on the pumpkin spice everything). Be sure to be on the lookout all month long on our Website and Instagram page as we lead up to the release to see some of the images shot by the insanely talented Courtney Brooke @light_witch and to find out more info on whats coming. 

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