Our updated FAQ policy during COVID-19


Here at Mercury Hour safety, health and quality products are our top concerns and priority. Due to the current crisis we've reduced staff to a skeleton crew to insure that we are fulfilling orders while keeping staff members safe. Here is what were doing to keep MH going during all this chaos.


Q: I purchased an item that hasn't shipped yet but decided I no longer want it, are refunds available?

A: Due to the handmade nature of our business and Covid-19 all sales are final. Because the brand is going into closure we sadly cannot offer any refunds or exchanges even if a item has yet to ship. All customers have been made aware of the current duration time of orders via our item descriptions and website header along with the finality of sales. Should you purchase from the Mercury Hour LLC website you are agreeing to place your order without request for refund or exchange from purchases made between Feb 15th-April 22nd. 

Q: I think want to exchange the item I purchased?

A: Due to safety regulations and brand closure we cannot accept any exchanges as we may no longer have stock of items. Sadly all sales are final sale. 

Q: I just got contacted that an item I purchased is on indefinite hold, what happens now?

A: We will contact you directly should your order be specifically effected by the pandemic and give you the option of refund due to inability to fulfill the order or allow you to wait until we can resume production on that specific item again. Regardless of brand closure we will honor all orders placed. This is the ONLY time a refund is applicable to an order, otherwise all sales are final. 



Q: What is the turn around time on jewelry?

A: Due to Covid-19 items are taking longer then usual for shipping. Items may take 4-8 weeks to ship as each piece is hand made to order. Should you want a more precise update on your specific order please email contact@mercuryhour.com for more info. 

Q: How safe is the studio pieces are being produced? 

A: Our Brand Founder and Chief of Design Scarlett is working from a private home studio while in self isolation on each and every order to limit the exposure of items. This insures the health and safety of all staff who are working from home answering emails. She has taken every precaution as dictated by the CDC and WHO on keeping a clean regulated environment for production. 

Q: I would like to get an item repaired (and, or) resized that I purchased

A: Due to the current situation sadly for safety reasons we will be holding off on our repair and resizing. Should you like to let us be aware of your repair or resizing needs please email contact@mercuryhour.com and we will begin a dialogue and let you know when we will be able to offer this service again. Regardless of brand closure we will honor all repairs or resizings until the end of time because we want you to love your jewelry. 

Q: Its April 22nd and your brand has closed and I haven't gotten my order yet! Sadness! Please help?

A: Have no worries, while purchases are suspended after April 22nd we will still be working hard to fulfill each and every order placed. Should you have a question about your order during that time that cannot be answered here in our COVID-19 RESPONSE POLICY please email us directly at contact@mercuryhour.com



Q: I placed an order and I'm so freakin excited! When will it arrive?

A: Sadly due to Covid-19 we are having longer then usual lead times items can take 4-8 weeks to ship with subject to change. We are truly doing everything in our power to increase this time line. But with many supply lines cut and situations out of our control we're at the mercy of the universe or an answer to when things will normalize. 

Q: I need my address changed as I am now somewhere safe how can I do this?

A: So long as your order hasn't already shipped please email contact@mercuryhour.com to discuss changing your shipping location. Then afterwards we suggest going to USPS.com to change your forwarding address to insure all packages are rerouted to your current location. 

Q: My order label was printed and its just been sitting there?! I'm so freakin excited! But why is this happening!!

A: Due to the current situation we are printing out shipping labels and preparing items as they are completed. Then on Saturdays items are being dropped off and scanned in to our local post office. This one day out of the week is when items will leave us, so if your label was printed Tuesday it will not officially ship till Saturday. 

Q: My package arrived and I'm so freakin excited to open it what do I do? 

A: Due to Covid-19 we suggest quarantining your mail as outer layers of packaging material may be smear contaminated through processing beyond our control. The CDC and WHO suggest setting aside mail for 24 hours in a safe decontaminating area, discard outer parcel packaging safely, and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds after handling packaging and refrain from touching your face. While it has yet to be proven Covid-19 can spread through mail contact we suggest doing anything that makes you feel comfortable and safe. 


Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email us at Contact@mercuryhour.com

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