Don't Panic We've Got The Gifts

Don't Panic We've Got The Gifts

It’s all happening so fast and we can’t really believe it ourselves. Freaking out over what to get for that special someone (or let’s face it, even for yourself, but you honestly deserve it because things are about to get REAL buck wild out in the world)? Have no fear because we’re here to make the gifting process a little bit easier. Here’s the Mercury Hour Badass Guide to Gifting.

First, we made it super easy for you by creating three awesome gift sets for the Psychedelic Biker Witch in your life. And... they look a lil somethin’ somethin’ like this!

Deadly Forever Gift Set, for those who love barbed wire so much that they might as well become it. Crafted from hand carved and casted barbed wire, this Hoop, Stud and Necklace Combo is a sure fire win.


In The Cards Gift Set, there’s nothing more perfect for the mystic in your life than a Tarot card set. Hand carved and casted, this necklace is based off of a card from the High Arcana of the Ryder Waite Tarot Deck. Choose a card (we even have a handle list that tells you what birth month goes with which to keep things personal) Pairing with the necklace are these Minor Arcana Sword Earrings only available in this gift, which will have your giftee looking into the future STOKED.


The Scorpion Set, Our Brand Founder, dubbed the Scorpion Queen for sometime now, knows that she’s not alone out there in the world raising hell and loving deadly creatures. This gift includes two of our staple pieces: the adjustable Double Sting Ring and Large Scorpion Pin. Perfect for the deadly Mercury Hour lover in your life or introducing someone to their new jewelry addiction.

All of these items will be available in limited supply, landing online on Black Friday. Get your's while they last.

We know you’re already madly in love with all of these sets as much as we are, but wait there’s even more awesome things you can do for that special someone this holiday season.

Test you luck at the table with one of our best sellers to date, the Cherry Bomb Roulette. Create the perfect earrings for that special someone by choosing the top and bottoms just for them, making a custom pair catered to their individual style. We also suggest adding on one of our Honeymoon Chokers to really round out this gift like a boss.

During this time of the year, it can be tricky to find that perfect something, but have no fear we’re here to help. Check out even more awesome pairings below and happy gifting!

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